We are a private company specializing in multi-disciplined engineering and consulting services mainly for clients from the oil and gas sector.

Our people make KMGP unique and successful. Their commitment and dedication has led the company to grow from just a few to 80 people over the last few years. People at KMGP share ideas and opinions and get support at learning new things. This kind of environment helps people expose their talent and thus makes KMGP a better place to work. Our culture is the backbone of the business, and our people are the identity we are known and recognized by.

Core values are principles KMGP’s Management System is built around. They guide our behavior and help us make the right decisions in our business.

Safety and Environment
Safety is our top priority in every aspect of our work activities whether it is safety of people in our office, safety at site, or delivering safe-to-use product to our customers. We contribute to the integrity of our planet ecosystem by implementing engineering solutions that reduce environmental footprint of our customers’ assets.

Our people are our core business asset because their skills, experience and competence is a key contribution to the Company business success. We sustain a collaborative and mutually supportive environment and treat each person in a manner that reflects our values.

The basis of our relationships with customers, partners, and social community is honesty, openness and ethics. We value the trust of our business partners and their confidence in our expertise: we strive to match our behavior to our words and take responsibility for our actions.

Customers are the ones who make our existence as a company viable. Our business serves to resolve customer problems and it is what everyone in our company does every day. We build our business model around customers’ needs enabling them to make better decisions and drive profitability.

We continually look for ideas to do things better than we have done before to achieve excellence in everything we undertake. We are flexible to adopt new and progressive ideas that contribute to business improvements or create efficiencies. We encourage our people to develop and implement innovative solutions to maintain our competitiveness in the rapidly changing world.


We provide design and engineering services for brownfield and greenfield oil and gas projects. This comes along with our focus on customer needs and knowledge of industry standards and HSE regulations.

Our services range from feasibility studies, through concept screening and definition, to detail engineering, procurement and construction support. Our expertise in disciplines areas includes:

We usually work within existing facilities. Whether it is 20 years old facility or new one, our approach is the same. The client brings us a problem for which they think they have a solution. We work with the client to completely understand the problem(s) and why they think they have found the correct solution.

Sometimes the task is easy as, for example, a client may just need to replace an equipment or piping for a better service life. These kind of projects require less process checking.

Other times a customer wants to increase the facilities capacity or rearrange existing equipment. This requires much more investigation and checking before an acceptable Process design can be implemented. We undertake a search of the installed equipment (in all cases) but more so when the Process flow scheme is to be changed. Our Process group is used to digging out this information and doing site surveys. We work closely with Piping, Instrumentation and other groups to find the best solutions. But before any of this detailed design work is started the entire existing system must be understood as well as the intended changes and benefits that will be accrued from these suggested changes.

Process is also very mindful of the fact that the existing facilities must be kept operational or with minimal operation interruptions during the revamp of any existing facilities. Operations must continue to produce revenue during the upgrade. This is a very key factor to a successful project completion. We have all the modern computer design tools required for simulations and modelling including AspenTech HYSYS, Bentley Plant Flow, Autodesk P&ID and others.

  • Trunk pipelines
  • Pipeline routing studies
  • Plant layout
  • 3D design
  • Carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, cast iron, HDPE, PE, HPPE, fiber-glass piping
  • Piping stress analysis (utilizing Caesar II)
  • Procurement and construction support
  • Job packs

Our electrical engineering capability is presented with solid knowledge and ample experience that our engineers have gained from variety of projects of different size and complexity. Their experience extends beyond design and engineering and embrace knowledge in construction, commissioning and startup of completed objects. Here is the brief list of electrical engineering services we provide:

  • Power system engineering
  • Power supply and distribution system
  • Electrical equipment specification
  • Transmission power lines up to 110kV design
  • Trace heating
  • Cathodic protection
  • Procurement and construction support

With best-in-class simulation platforms Paladin and ETAP we can provide modelling and analysis for complex electrical systems including:

  • Power Flow Analysis
  • Short Circuit Calculation IEC909
  • Protective Device Coordination
  • Motor Starting Analysis

Our company provides a wide range of services in Instruments design for Oil & Gas industry. Our engineers have sufficient qualification in automation system design starting from field Instrument including relevant information for material purchase (Data Sheets, MR, vendors proposals review, etc.) and up to high system level (SCADA, DCS, ESD). Projects design is based on using up-to-date Instruments by Emerson, Yokogawa, Siemens etc.; PLC by HIMA, AB; DCS by Honeywell. The company handles control systems specifications development, Cause & Effect Test procedures, SAT procedures development and so on. The company also provides drawings and relevant documentation development including but not limited to the following:

  • Cause & Effect Diagram
  • Cable Block Diagram
  • Logic Schematic Diagram
  • Equipment Location Layouts
  • Instrument Location Layouts
  • Cable Routing Layouts
  • Interconnection diagram
  • Instrument Loop Diagram
  • Process Hook-up Diagrams
  • Panel termination Diagram
  • Panel Layout
  • MTO

In addition to abovementioned the company deliver a full range of services in Fire & Gas alarm system Telecommunication system design with a complete set of applicable deliverables for a client.

  • Equipment selection and sizing
  • Air dynamics analysis
  • Ducting and equipment layouts
  • Procurement and construction support
  • Job packs
  • Road design
  • Buildings
  • Steel structures
  • Foundations
  • Procurement and construction support
  • Job packs
  • Static and rotating equipment
  • Pressure vessels
  • Package management
  • Equipment specification
  • Data sheets and SDRL’s
  • Procurement and commissioning support

Our Management System includes all processes and tools to ensure we provide streamlined performance and a consistent approach to achieve objectives. It is maintained and communicated to employees through an online Company Intranet Portal. Thus, we ensure our management system tools and processes are integrated into day to day activities, providing consistent and timely information and support to our people.
Project Management owns a responsibility in delivering customers’ projects within the scope, budget, time and quality. We developed processes and tools that are a core part of our project management activities including:

  • Scoping facilities and services
  • Cost, time and resource estimation
  • Risk management
  • Scheduling
  • Project communication
  • Project reporting
  • Management of Change
  • Design verification
  • Information management
  • Compliance with national and international standards
  • Value improvement practices

With a focus on innovation, we developed our in-house system that comprises time management, resource management, cost management, estimation, change management, and reporting into an integrated environment. The system incorporates a detailed list of activities and deliverables for all phases of a project and provides comprehensive reporting that demonstrates project status and team performance.
Engineering Management is responsible for development of our in-house expertise, processes and tools to achieve engineering excellence in multidisciplinary approach. Engineering Management ensures the engineering team applies best working practices and state of the art design technologies. Engineering Management manages and distributes resources between projects, recruits engineers, and leads activities to improve the efficiency and quality of engineering services.
Our disciplines conduct a thorough review and detailed check of every deliverable before it is issued. We hold a series of workshops and round table reviews to ensure the design meets operational, safety, and constructability criteria. Our Process team uses AspenTech’s advanced simulation software to model flow characteristics in designed facilities. We utilize Plant 3D software to coordinate interfaces and avoid design clashes between disciplines. Piping stress analysis is done using the industry leading Caesar software. The Electrical group is skilled in Paladin and ETAP, the best modelling platforms in the industry, to analyze and optimize power systems. With in-house expertise to run best in class modelling and design systems we provide high performance and excellence of engineering services produced by our disciplines, from process to structural.
We seek to furnish enough space and opportunity for our people to expand their professional excellence and growth. We advance skills transfer between experienced experts and young or graduate engineers via on-job trainings, mentoring programs and workshops. Our competence management system is established to continuously develop skills and knowledge of our people and ensure we sustain our solid reputation of a reliable service provider.
At KMGP, we prioritize HSE awareness in all aspects of our activities and foster a culture of safety. In work, our foremost objective is engineering balanced solutions that fulfill social and economic needs while safeguarding the natural environment. Safety performance of our business operation is measured by incident free time which up to now accumulated with zero incidents since reforming our business in 2008.
  • Static and rotating equipment
  • Pressure vessels
  • Package management
  • Equipment specification
  • Data sheets and SDRL’s
  • Procurement and commissioning support


Whether you are a graduate or a professional and you have an intention to make a new step in your career, we can offer you a variety of challenges and opportunities that will help you bring your expertise and experience to the next level. If you want to join a team of dynamic, dedicated and knowledgeable people, please upload your CV.

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