Brownfield projects

We don’t simplify for saving time because it can result in facility hazards, inefficiency and high costs. Whether it's a new or an active object, detailed approach remains the same. We work with the client until we reach complete understanding of the problem and until we find the right solution.

Sometimes the task is easy. For example, a client may just need to replace an equipment or piping for a better service life. This kind of projects require less process checking, but physical collisions checking with existing objects sometimes requires a detailed approach in order to maintain access for maintenance and repair, ensure safety and emergency evacuation, etc.

At times, a customer needs to increase the facilities capacity or rearrange existing equipment. This requires more investigations and checking before implementation of proper process design. We undertake searching of the installed equipment (in all cases), particularly when it’s necessary to change the process flow scheme. We work with piping, instrumentation and other groups to find the best solutions. However, before launching any of this detailed design work, you need to understand the entire system as well as the intended changes and benefits that will be accrued from suggested changes.